This is how you rid your workplace of viruses and bacteria

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This is how you rid your workplace of viruses and bacteria

If you want to thoroughly clean your workplace in the office or at home, you can fall back on various home remedies and special products. The keyboard, laptop, and other surfaces are quickly hygienically clean again. In this article, we read about office cleaning and how you rid your workplace of viruses and bacteria:

General tips for a clean workplace

  • Wash and disinfect hands before starting work
  • Do not eat at work to avoid crumbs and food residue
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbows
  • Regularly clean the workplace and all devices

Clean keyboards

To get a keyboard clean again, you need more than just a damp cloth: A thorough cleaning result can be achieved with cotton swabs and a disinfecting cleaning agent or rubbing alcohol.

To do this, the keyboard is separated from the laptop or PC. Then, you can use the cotton swabs between the individual keys to remove dirt without liquid getting into the laptop or the keyboard. According to a study by the University of Arizona, when you consider that there are on average 400 times more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat, it is worth the effort.

Keyboards can also be disinfected and freed from dirt with a special cleaning compound. To do this, the soft mass is pressed onto the keyboard. This way, residues, and germs are removed from the fine interstices as they stick to the mass.

Clean laptop or PC screens

Both microfiber cloths moistened with water and cleaning cloths for displays are suitable for cleaning screens. Before doing this, the device should be switched off and disconnected from the power source.

Since laptops are very sensitive, you should not use aggressive cleaning agents, but only products that have been specially developed for this purpose. Then, after the screen is completely dry, you can continue working on the laptop or PC.

Disinfect the mobile phone display

Like laptops, cell phones should be used with caution, as many cleaning agents are too aggressive for the surfaces. Rubbing alcohol or cloths for cleaning the display is well suited for this. In addition, a protective film over the display is practical because it is less sensitive and can be replaced at a low cost.

Clean the mouse

First, the mouse should be disconnected from the laptop. You can then clean them wonderfully with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Small gaps can be cleaned with cotton swabs, for example. You can only reconnect the mouse after it has completely dried out. With daily use, such cleaning is recommended at least once a month.


Disinfect mouse pads

Not only the mouse but also its base should be cleaned regularly. In this way, the mouse does not slow down due to crumbs, dust, and residues of sweat and skin flakes, and fewer germs form on the pad’s surface. In addition, the pad can be cleaned and even disinfected with a non-fluffy microfiber cloth and a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning CDs for the drive

To clean the laser optics in the CD player gently and dry, cleaning CDs can be used several times. This prevents scratches or another soiling that can easily occur during manual cleaning.

Clean headphones and headsets

Anyone who relies on headphones or headsets for their work should ensure that they are not contaminated and sprouting germs – after all, they are worn directly on the head. The devices can be quickly and hygienically clean by cleaning alcohol, cloths, or paste. As always, you should refrain from using excessively sharp means to protect the surfaces.

In addition, fine brushes can be used if necessary: ​​Toothbrushes, those for interdental spaces, or copies used in cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Remove dirt from the tabletop

The tabletop at the workplace must not be forgotten either; after all, it is touched repeatedly throughout the day. With a disinfectant cleaning agent and a paper or cloth towel, you can easily clean the plastic surfaces of tables or documents. In addition, homemade cleaning agents, such as citrus peel or baking soda, can easily ensure hygienic cleanliness.

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