Locksmith: how to self-help?

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Locksmith: how to self-help?

Locksmith work is intended to guarantee safety and comfort in your home. Even if they seem quick and simple, these operations require great precision and reasonable expertise. However, there are a few simple maneuvers to do yourself when you are a bit of a handyman. Find out how to solve your locksmith problems on your own.

The prerequisites for installing a lock

Calling a professional locksmith Tampa is the most relevant solution to solving a locksmith problem. But before you take charge of the work, you should know that there are 4 types of locks:

  • the wall-mounted lock
  • the mortise lock
  • the faired lock
  • the handle lock

Manufacturers anticipate easy mounting for most locks. First, however, you must make sure that the lock model you have available corresponds to the characteristics of the door.

Drill a door to install a lock

Most doors are sold pre-drilled. If not, here are the steps to follow to pierce it.

place paper drilling templates that make it easy to mark marks for the actual drilling

  • insert the bit into the drill
  • Make sure the drill and the chuck don’t have any play. drill the insertion holes on the lock as deeply as possible
  • with a chisel and mallet, modify the opening so that it can accommodate the lock mechanism
  • then change the drill bit and drill the keyholes

The installation of a simple lock

Self-installation is more economical but involves risks. So before you venture there, you need to make sure you have some advanced DIY knowledge.

The wall-mounted lock

The overlay lock is the easiest to install. First, you have to take care of the case. We, therefore, start by going inside with the door closed. Then we drill the cylinder hole and fix the plate with screws. Secondly, we stand on the other side of the door to slide the cylinder into the drilled hole. After fixing the lock with the screwdriver, the door must be closed and the box’s location marked. Finally, the case is introduced into the hole located in the doorframe.


Installing a mortise lock

The following are the steps to installing this type of lock:

  • draw the position of the box on the doorway
  • mark the internal location of the lock and the holes to accommodate the screws
  • drill 5 holes aligned vertically at the desired position for the housing
  • place the case and secure it with the screws
  • draw the location of the receiver box at the doorframe
  • put it in its case, then secure it with the screws
  • then install the plates and the handle
  • check the operation of your lock

On this blog, you will find several other helpful tips for daily locksmithing.

The case of complex repairs

Some locksmith work such as installing a 3-point lock, an armored lock, or a security bar can only be done by a professional due to their complexity. Trying to do them anyway can result in fatal errors for the door or lock. The best is then to rely on the experts to avoid the risk of failure and damage.


Entrusting this work to a company also guarantees you a quality service. Expert craftsmen should carry out meticulous work by the rules and requirements of the client. They know how to handle high-quality tools like extractors and electric guns to perfection. In addition, they are people trained for the trade of locksmith. They, therefore, have the necessary experience to intervene quickly and efficiently, no matter how complex your problem is.

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