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Opening a hairdressing salon is a good example of a stable business. It is enough to have a great desire and the necessary documents to open a hairdressing salon in itself.

You will need

– registered capital of 10 thousand rubles;

– a set of documents for IP registration;

– hairdressing equipment.


Calculate your budget by creating a detailed “business plan” and find a place to rent for your salon.

The barbershop should be located near residential buildings. Please note that the more floors in the houses, the more customers you will have, although organizations offer such services. The apartment, which has been converted into non-residential premises with two or three rooms, is ideal for a hairdresser.

Bring with you the completed application (you can find the sample on the Internet or the FTS), passport and photocopy of all completed sheets, confirmation of payment of the state fee, TIN, cardboard files (your documents will be stored).  FTS allows you to pick up documents registered IPs within five days.

Contact the fire safety service and the epidemiological hygiene station for permission. Eliminate any deficiencies that you present. Pay for confirmation of successful completion of the procedure.

Buy the necessary equipment: mirrors, chairs, cabinets, sink, sofa, hairdressing supplies, consumables. Go through your competitors’ already equipped premises to understand what is useful for you to start a hairdresser. Some stores offer aspirational entrepreneurs a “complete solution” for purchasing the necessary equipment, which will be much cheaper for you.

Approach your recruitment carefully. Check that they have the appropriate certificates and that hygiene books have been created for employees; otherwise, you will have problems during the first inspection.


Many entrepreneurs who start a business with a hairdresser have limited financial resources. So entrepreneurs will find useful information on how to open a barbershop on their own.

First, you need to decide what type of barbershop to open. Hairdressing salons can be divided into three types.

In a classic barbershop, services are usually provided to clients who live or work nearby. The minimum range of services includes hairstyles and hair coloring.

The beauty salon, in addition to simple hairdressing services, provides:

  • Manicure and pedicure.
  • Cosmetic services.
  • Solarium.

Sales of related products.

These stores’ advantage is that they provide high-quality services and a personal approach to each customer.

Studio salon – a luxury hairdresser that provides individual services. These salons are usually opened on behalf of a well-known stylist who has won international competitions.

After defining the view, you must select a room to open the hairdresser. The room should be as comfortable as possible for your target audience. After all, the profit depends on the number of visitors. If you provide cheap hairdressing services, you should not save room space. Renting a more expensive and visible hall pays off with a small advertising campaign and a huge customer flow.

When opening a barbershop, special attention should be paid to the issue of recruitment. Depending on which visitors will use your services, you can hire young masters and experienced stylists.

In addition to the salary, hairdressers receive a certain percentage of their daily profits. As a rule, it is 30 percent for simple masters and 50 percent for stylists.

It would be best if you had professional equipment for the normal activities of your hairdresser. The master uses his tools in his work, which he buys at his own expense. This set usually includes a pair of scissors, brushes, combs, a hairdryer, and a haircut.

It would be nice to think of an advertising campaign, which can be quite diverse. It will help you better manage to attract visitors.

For any assistance with the barbershop business plan, you can contact MB PLANS for further recommendations.

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