Car rental tips to make your journey comfortable

by tvosqd
Car rental tips to make your journey comfortable

Renting a car is not exactly the same as driving your own car, precisely because you have to follow specific rules from the contract you have concluded with a car rental agency. In the following sentence, we give the essential tips on paying attention to when renting a vehicle. In this article we read about car rental tips:

1. Do you need GPS?

Car rental agencies offer additional services in addition to the car, which is charged extra. One of the most common is renting a GPS. Do you need GPS? If you are already a driver, it is much more profitable to invest in your own GPS, which you will always need, instead of renting it.

Of course, you can also use the Google Maps application from your phone, but many drivers are not fans of it because sometimes it can lead you astray, and you will spend more time than you planned.

However, if you do not often drive and think that GPS is necessary when renting a vehicle, feel free to take it. Before renting, take a picture of the vehicle from several angles. Carlay car rental provides you rent a car in Karachi in which GPS is used.

2. Before renting, take a picture of the vehicle from several angles

We cannot stress enough how important it is to photograph a rented vehicle from every angle before you start using it. First, take a close look at the vehicle, is there any damage? Whatever you find, please take a picture with your phone and save it.

So when you return the car and if the agency complains that you did some damage to the car, you will have evidence on the spot that you did not do it.

If you miss this step and do not have definitive proof, you can pay a high fine for something, not your fault. Therefore, we recommend that you be very careful when you pick up the car, do not immediately sit behind the wheel, but take a good look at the rented vehicle. Car rental agencies rent vehicles without a deposit, but that does not mean that you should be less careful.

3. How to choose the right vehicle?

First of all, you choose the vehicle according to your needs, wishes, and possibilities. Do you travel alone, with family, co-workers, friends? For example, if you are going to Greece to the sea with your family, you will need a big trunk and a bigger car and a child seat to make everyone comfortable in the vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are traveling alone or with another person, you can rent a smaller and cheaper car for two people for a couple of days. Even smart cars come into consideration for more accessible parking in the city.

4. Do not allow another person to drive the rented car

If the car is rented in your name, there is no reason for someone else to drive it; similar rules apply to cars that are not rented, where the person driving someone else’s car must have a car license and his own driver’s license.

It is not recommended that someone drive your car because you will be held responsible. If something happens to the car, and you may have more problems if the police stop you.

Some car rental agencies do not have a problem with someone other than the one who rented the car. But keep in mind that whatever happens, it will be your responsibility. Especially if you have not taken out insurance to cover possible damage.

5. Keep the car clean

It should be assumed that you will maintain the rented car as your own. Or even better, but this is often not the case. Individuals will not keep a rented car clean enough just because it is not theirs.

Therefore, while driving the car, or before returning it to the car rental agency, take it for washing if necessary. Some car rental agencies also issue fines in cases where the vehicle is not well maintained.

Vehicle maintenance means not smoking cigarettes in it. The car will not ventilate enough and keep the window open at all times. In addition, non-smokers can unmistakably feel if a cigarette is lit in the vehicle. This will also be considered a sufficient reason to punish you for not maintaining the vehicle in some agencies.

6. Fill the tank with fuel before returning it to the agency

Some car rental agencies are stricter than others and require the car to be returned with a full tank, while others will forgive you if the fuel is less than the maximum. In any case, we recommend that you go to the pump closest to the agency and refuel before returning the vehicle to the agency.

This way, you will avoid punishment. Keep in mind that some agencies will allow you to return an empty tank with a certain fee, but the fee is almost always more expensive than paying for fuel. So the first option is always more cost-effective.

7. Ask if it is possible to drive to another country

When signing a contract with an agency, it is essential to read the contract or ask employees if it is possible to go across the border with a rented vehicle. Usually, when we rent a car, please do it for business meetings or are on vacation. Both imply that we could drive in one of the surrounding states as well.

Each car rental agency determines its own rules regarding this issue, so ask in advance how things work with them so that you do not pay fines.

In addition, some agencies limit the number of kilometers traveled, so kilometers are charged extra. While some other agencies do not have any similar restrictions. Always read the contract carefully to save later.

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