Best Places to Travel in January

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best places to travel in january

Do you want to travel in January but not sure where to go? We are there whether you’re looking for sunshine, shopping, or anything else. This list of holiday vacation ideas will help you impact your first 2020 trip. best places to travel in January Australia.

After the holidays, before spring, traveling in January offers a thousand possibilities, between ideal season and destination at a low cost. Sun, sea, or visit? Focus on where to go in January to make the most of an off-season stay.

  • Tasmania, Australia

In January, Trafalgar offers two dates for its exact Tasmania trip, from Hobart Botanical Gardens to Mount Nelson. Explore the ancient and wild forests and alpine fells of Cradle Mountain National Park. The new travel headline has a fantastic guide to take travelers to these far-flung destinations. Here, you can end your trip by watching whales in Wineglass Bay. Other tourist attractions include lavender fields, beaches fringed by compact bush, and a local-focused culinary scene.

  • Cuba, West Indies

Sunny and warm, the island of Cuba is one of the ideal destinations in January. Recently opened to tourism and therefore extremely protected, it houses exceptional Hispano-colonial architecture. Its seabed is among the best-preserved, and its landscapes as wild as they are sumptuous. Friendly and authentic, a visit to Cuba includes dream beaches, an idyllic climate, and a generous culture, from Havana to Trinidad, a world heritage site.

  • The Himalayas

January is one of three months in which luxury tour operators offer a 12-day snow leopard campaign through “Roof of the World.” It is also known as little Tibet. This mountainous region of Ladakh is located on the northern border of India. It is rich in snow-capped Himalayan, cobalt lakes, snow leopards, and other wildlife. A conservative and experienced safari organization provides travelers with the opportunity to explore the desert with the most experienced guides in the area.

  • The French Antilles

Guadeloupe, Martinique… Their names evoke long sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters. If the postcard is reality there, the French Antilles visit offers much more, alternating volcanic landscapes and exceptional seabed, hiking and diving, deserted beaches and nights of celebration, plantations, and colonial vestiges. A dream destination to go to in January. The start of the dry season, with an average of 25 ° C under the sun.

  • Costa Rica

In January, Costa Rica enjoys the dry season and the temperature differences from one region to another. It is only due to the various altitudes. Therefore, it is good to discover the country, especially in the mountains, where it is around 25 ° C (and between 5 and 10 ° C sometimes at night). This country is, between sea and mountains, between beaches and volcanoes. It will allow you to bathe in nature to practice many activities if you like hiking, diving, rafting, surfing and sports in general.

The country is susceptible to the protection of its environment and respect for the living. The nature that you will meet there goes hand in hand with a warm welcome from the population, which draws in part its gentle way of life. It’s up to you to discover this country at your own pace, where humans manage to strike a fine balance with what surrounds them to share it with their visitors.

  • British Columbia

January and February have the most substantial snowfall in British Columbia. That makes it ideal not only for skiing but also for ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. This tour provides you a great opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Those looking for more fun and adventure can also mush their own dogsled team from the resort to lodge.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January is the ideal time to visit Rio. Here the temperature regularly falls to 105 degrees. At its height, summer is Cariocas (residents of Rio) are most comfortable, and nightlife is booming.

  • Thailand

Between dream landscapes, hyperactive cities, and historical sites, the kingdom of smiles seduces all travelers. Among the many attractions to discover in Thailand, Bangkok, the capital, offers temples, palaces, and a hectic pace. The south features its islands of white sand with crystal clear waters, including the famous Phuket. The northern mountains hide many historical sites and Buddhist temples. An idyllic destination to explore in January!

  • Dubai

January is the coolest season. However, in this part of the world, temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s. Designers dive into the city for shopping festivals, with stores and boutiques offering discounts throughout the month.

  • Mexico

Mexico is an ideal destination to go to in January. It is a Landscape for the incredible wealth of its archaeological sites. From Mexico City to Acapulco, dream beaches rub shoulders with the Mayan, Olmec, Aztec, and Toltec civilizations’ remains. Between popular festivals and lively markets, Mexican conviviality can be discovered under the sun for lovers of culture as well as nature, sport, or relaxation.

Mexico is in the middle of the dry season. The temperatures are mild, making it an ideal time to stay there. No rain, an omnipresent sun, all the conditions are met for good moments of idleness on the beaches. All you need to do is bring a woolen cloth for the cooler evenings.

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