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From the National section of the New York Times, January 16, 2005:

The Rev. Warren Eshbach, an adjunct professor at Lutheran Theological Seminary in nearby Gettysburg and the father of Robert Eshbach, the science teacher, warned at board meetings about how divisive the issue might prove. Like many fellow Dover residents, he said the biblical account of the origins of humanity should be taught in a comparative religion class, not a biology class.

"Science is figuring out what God has already done," Mr. Eshbach said. "But I don't think Genesis 1 to 11 was ever meant to be a science textbook for the 21st century."


Intelligent Design -- Some notable resources


Adjunct faculty member, the Rev. Dr. Warren Eshbach, provides theological perspective to Dover, PA intelligent design controversy.

Eshbach's statement for a press conference in Nov 2004, Harrisburg

Lecture/presentation to ACLU at State College, PA

Radio Explores Interview, 2005  listen online

A brief annotated bibliography for intelligent design awareness.

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An Alternative to Evolution Splits a Pennsylvania Town


DOVER, Pa. - Ever since the school board here voted to make this town in Pennsylvania Dutch country the first in the nation to discuss an alternative to evolution in high school biology classes, students have been as sharply divided as the rest of this normally close-knit community.

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 NATIONAL DESK | December 15, 2004, Wednesday

School Board Sued on Mandate For Alternative to Evolution

Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 31 , Column 3

ABSTRACT - American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State sue Dover, Pa, school board charging it violated religious rights of several parents and students by requiring teaching of alterntive theory to evolution in public schools, federal court; Dover is apparently nation's first school district to require high school biology teachers to offer alternative theory, known as intelligent design; critics say intelligent design is watered-down version of creationism, which Supreme Court has already repudiated in public schools (M)