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Resource Page:  Perspective on theological issues and policy considerations on gambling and its expansion.
          By Dr. William Buckley, Ph.D.

Hein Fry  “What wisdom does faith offer to individuals and communities facing the perennial problems of the human situation?”  
          One of the 2005 Hein Fry Lectures by Pamela Cooper-White

Grief and Loss Emphasis:

     Life's Losses, Lessons Learned  a theological summary by James G. Cobb

Theology and Public Life
The Gettysburg Lincoln As The Last, Best Hope For Genuine Unity Among Twenty-First Century Americans       by Frederick K. Wentz


Resources for the from the Church's
  Study of Human Sexuality

 2003 Convocation Presentations   
 "In Search of A Lutheran Lens" for Homosexuality

            Preaching About Homosexuality  Lecture by Richard D. Nelson

            Sermon: "Yes Lord, Yet..."    by Richard D. Nelson
            In Search of A Lutheran Lens -- Lecture by Elizabeth Huwiler

 Other Faculty Presentations:

  "The Bible and Homosexuality: Opening the Question" by Brooks Schramm

 2002 Convocation
     "How Can You Say That In Church?"

             A CASE STUDY FOR THE CHURCH  (2002 Convo)
by Bishop Charles Maahs

             Course Description  by Dr. Susan K. Hedahl

             How Can We Talk About That in Church (2002 Convo)
by the Rev. David L. Miller

             Hermeneutical Issues in Homosexuality Conversation  (2002 Convo)
                                      by the Rev. Dr. Gwen Sayler

ELCA Assembly Action:
The 2001 Churchwide Assembly has mandated that this church engage in a study on homosexuality and a study on sexuality. The first is to deal with the blessing of same-gender unions and the rostering of persons in committed gay or lesbian relationships. The second is to lead to the development of a social statement on sexuality. View updates, task force minutes, and study guides from the "Faithful Journey" website set up to communicate information about the ongoing study:            


ELCA Faithful Journey  Study Guide, Part 1




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