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NOTE: Changes to Syllabus

Thanks for a class that was a blessing to me!

Wednesday, December 14: Presentations

Wednesday, December 7: Presentations

Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday, November 16

Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday, November 2

Wednesday, October 26: NO CLASS - Luther Colloquim

Wednesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday, October 5

Wednesday, September 28 - NO CLASS (Senior Panels)

Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday, September 7

First class meeting: Wednesday, September 7, 10:10-11:25, Valentine 310

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT buy books before the first class. You are only going to need two commentaries, not the bunches of books the bookstore sheet might lead you to believe!

One text/resource you will need if you know any Greek: The NET Bible Online or NET Bible FREE download or Purchase NET Bible Greek/English Diglot edition (As far as I know, you cannot get this Bible any cheaper than our LTSG bookstore.) - Note that this is one of the required texts for this class. (If you don't know Greek, talk with me.) Check it out and familiarize yourself with its principles and layout. (You may need to download the necessary Greek font at BibleScript. The shareware version is free for use in viewing and printing [but not composing].)

Sometime before the second class meeting...

WebQuest: Spend 30 minutes surfing the web starting at Google Search philippi or Google Search philippians. Go wherever your interests lead you. Report the results of your surfing by noting (in a few sentences or bullets and no more than a single page):

Record the results of your WebQuest at the course Forum on the appropriate Discussion Board. (You should have received FishersNet info to access the Forum by now.) If you are unfamiliar with the Google Scholar site, poke around philippians - Google Scholar for a bit as well.
BTW, brownie points to those who find the other letters to the Philippians written in the second century.