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PHILIPPIANS - STM Course - June 2004

SYLLABUS: DOC or PDF (Books are in stock at the seminary bookstore which will be open on Thursday [20] and Friday [21] and Monday [24] and Tuesday [25] from 9:30 till 1:00 and 2:00 till 4:00 PM.)


To be done as soon as possible:

Note that those who are not taking the class for credit are not expected to have done any of this work. Your auditing of the class will be enhanced by at least looking at some of the following exercises, and we will welcome any insights you wish to share with the class. 

bulletGet books and start reading the Introductions in the commentaries
bulletStart looking over web resources, especially:
bulletBible study online Postmodern Bible Commentary - Amos - Check out this site carefully. It will serve as a model for our long-term goal of an online commentary on Philippians
bulletThe NET Bible Online or NET Bible FREE download or Purchase NET Bible Leather-bound edition - Note that this is one of the required texts for this class. Check it out and familiarize yourself with its principles and layout. (You may need to download the necessary Greek font at BibleScript. The shareware version is free for use in viewing and printing [but not composing].)
bulletSpend 30 minutes surfing the web starting at Google Search philippi or Google Search philippians. Go wherever your interests lead you. Report the results of your surfing by indicating (in a few sentences or bullets and no more than a single page)
bulletquestions raised,
bulletobservations on your surfing (this can include both issues regarding Philippians as well as your experience of doing this surfing exercise),
bulletwhat information on Philippi or Philippians you found most interesting,
bulletsites where you spent the most time,
bulletissues regarding Philippians that you hope our class will discuss.

You can bring your response to class, but I encourage you to email such materials to me. ( )
BTW, brownie points to those who find the other letters to the Philippians written in the second century.


Web Links

bulletPhilippians Resources
bulletGeneral NT Resources
bulletGreek Resources: New Testament Greek Resources and New Testament Greek Software Resources