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First, to those of you who participated in the Parish Health Ministry Regional Event hosted by Concordia College's Parish Nurse Center on November 10-12, 2005, thank you! I really enjoyed being with you, and 'you've been a great help' to me in thinking more about parish health ministry!

Second, here are handouts of the presentations I shared with you. (You should have the free Adobe Reader program needed to open these files already on your computer. If not, go to: Adobe Reader.)

Third, what these handouts do not include are some of the great stories and experiences you shared with me. If anyone (and I include here any others involved in Parish Health Ministry, whether you attended this event or not) would like to share an experience, please email me. If you would be willing to share it with others, let me know in your email, and I will post some of your responses on this page.

In the big picture of things, should I ever get around to trying to write/publish a brief Parish Health Ministry introduction that could be used as a Bible study in congregations, I would love to be able to include some of your insights. (I would, of course, obtain proper permissions, etc. from you should this ever come to pass.)

Thanks again. The Lord be with you!

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