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Teach to Reach: Reach to Teach

Leadership Training Event - LSS, ELCA

February 26, 2005 at Trinity Lutheran Church 2000 Chestnut Street Camp Hill, PA

“Jesus Began to Teach Them”
Christian Education as Compassionate Evangelism

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Christian Education and Evangelism in a Postmodern World

Background to Postmodernism

Some (Post-) Postmodern (Emergent) Christian Outposts

The following are virtual and/or real Christian communities. Note the educational content on their sites and how it relates to evangelism and to their sense of community.

Some Postmodern-directed Churches

Here are some example of churches attuned to postmodernity. The first three are actual churches. The last two only exist virtually. Note where Christian education fits in with worship, relationships, and community.

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