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Courses Taught


General Resources

         ON Scripture

         Narrative Lectionary

Year A

         Gospel of Matthew Recommended Books

         Year A: Advent Preaching Perspectives LTSG 10.26.16

         PDF Color Handout full page mgvh

         PDF Black/White Handout, 6/page mgvh

         Wiseman: PDF Color

         Wiseman: PDF BW

         Pentecost, Trinity, Propers 7-12 - Preaching Perspectives - LTSG - 05.01.14

         Propers 21-25 (Pentecost 15-19) - Preaching Perspectives - LTSG - 9.15.11

Year B

         ELCA Year B

         United Methodist 2011-12 RCL

         Christian Resource Institute

         Pennsylvania State Pastors' Conference Presentation - 11.14.11

         Lent B - >> a PDF version of the web page>> LentYear B.pdf

         Pentecost B

o   Propers 8-11

         (Pentecost 4-7) - Preaching Perspectives - LTSG - 5.14.09 Pentecost / Propers 18-25 Year B

o   Preaching Perspectives

Year C

Advent C

Christmas C

Epiphany C

Lent C - >> a PDF version of the web page>> LentYearC.pdf

         Skaneateles Retreat - 1.27-28.04

o    Lent1C.pdf

o    Lent2C.pdf

o    Lent3C.pdf

o    Lent4C.pdf

o    Lent5C.pdf

Easter C

Pentecost C


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