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Presession Greek Syllabus (HTM) or Presession Greek Syllabus (PDF)

Friday, August 19 - Entire class meets together for the day beginning at 8:30AM in Valentine 310

Monday, August 22 
(this will be the normal schedule except Fridays will have a modified schedule for the exams)

Tuesday, August 23

FYI: We do lessons 3, 4, and 5 on Monday. We will do lessons 6, 7, and 8 between now and Friday. >> Monday was your worst day. We will be going much more slowly here on out...

Wednesday, August 24

Thursday, August 25

Eugene Nida Dies 

Friday, August 26

Monday, August 29

Tuesday, August 30

Wednesday, August 31

Thursday, September 1

Friday, September 2

>>> FALL GREEK 2011!


And now for something completely different...

Greek Resources: Fonts, Online and Downloadable Study Resources, Online NT Greek Texts, etc.

Incoming Students: The only book you need to buy before class is the Croy textbook. (. or software before my class presentations on the issues involved