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Cardo - This is an attractive, true Unicode font from David Perry. It is especially nice for Biblical scholars because it has both Greek and Hebrew characters. More information and a free download is available at: ) Versions available for both Mac (check at the web site) and Windows. 

** Windows 95/98/Me and Windows 2000/XP **
activate the Start button on the taskbar
choose Settings/Control Panel; a window will open
if you can see the Cardo font file (icon with "TT" and the name Cardo), simply drag it onto the Fonts icon and it will be automatically installed

If you cannot see the Cardo font file, then
double-click on the Fonts icon in Control Panel and a new window will open
choose File/Install New Font
in the dialog box that appears, navigate to the drive and directory where you extracted the font; Windows will search for font names
double-click on Cardo
close the Font window
read or print the manual for additional information about using Cardo

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** Mac OS X ** (NB: this version of Cardo does not work on OS 8/9)
using an unzip utility such as StuffIt, extract the font and manual to a location that you can find later (it doesn't matter where; putting it on the desktop is easiest, but it can go in any folder you like)
open the hard disk where your copy of OS X is stored
open the Library folder
drag the Cardo font icon from the desktop (or wherever you put it) onto the Fonts folder icon in the Library

If you have multiple user accounts and wish to restrict the font to your own use only, drag it to the Fonts folder in the Library of your Home folder. You can access your Home by choosing Go/Home from the Finder menu, or by typing Command-Option-h.

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