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OT in NT: Matthew 4.4 - Learning to work with resources

NOTE: This exercise and the accompanying videos was first composed to work with BibleWorks7. It has now been superseded by BibleWorks8. Most things work the same or similarly, but if you are using BW8, you will note some differences. Further, due to changes made by Microsoft, the 'hover over for answer' feature may not work on your system. In that case, instead of using the PowerPoint Show, try using the PPT files directly as linked below.

Before starting this exercise, download NT with OT Refs.SDF (right click and Save Target/Link As) and install it in your ‘/Program Files/BibleWorks7/init’ directory. (This is a modified version of a synopsis file posted by Jeff Jackson on this page.)

To run the show, you either need to have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer or you can download a free PowerPoint viewer. (HERE for Windows or HERE for Mac)

In addition to keeping this Internet browser window open, it will help to have BibleWorks7 running. You will also need to have a program to view WMV videos, which for most of you will mean Windows Media Player. The videos include audio narration, so be sure to have speakers turned on. To save some of your work done in the exercise, you will also need a word processing program.

If you want to stop the show, hit ESC or right-click on the screen and "End Show"

Matthew 4.4 PowerPoint Show Exercise

If that is not working well, you can try using the PowerPoint directly.
If you use Logos (version 3, not the latest version 4), try this PowerPoint.