BibleWorks 9, Accordance 10 and Logos 5

Check out: "Best Resources for Original Language Bible Study"
Somewhat dated, but also check out Recommendations listed on this page to consider whether Logos, BW9, or Accordance is best for you.

BibleWorks 9
for $265.

Sale available to LTSG faculty, students, and staff only.
Order must be placed by Tuesday, September 17 in the Bookstore
. Contact Bookstore for details.


for Mac; also for iPhone and iPad- runs under emulation on PC but Windows version coming soon
Buy directly from Accordance w/ 10% (?) discount for full-time students
Recommended: Original Languages Collection $300 less discount or Essential Collection for $500 less discount and then supplement w/ other resources

LOGOS 5 < start w/ this link to register for academic discount
30% (?) student discount - buy online
Available for: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web

 At a minimum, what you really want is the Biblical Languages Library which is advertised for $750 (though you may be able to get it for closer to $400-500)